Cosmetics such as creams or lotions

Cosmetics such as creams or lotions, supplements or face creams It is the most popular product that people have ever thought of opening a coffee shop. Due to the large customer base in the market Everyone wants to share this share. But importing is not easy because it is a product that is regulated by the FDA. The procedure for importing cosmetics in each country differs depending on the rules and regulations and regulations.
There will be government agencies involved such as customs, FDA of each country.
process preliminary
  1. First of all, the FDA says that the document must be stamped.
  2. Contact the supplier for certification documents such as free sales certificate, , halal, constituent documents. or other as Ministry of Public Health wants
  3. register to be an importer of cosmetics from the Ministry of Health of your country
  4. Apply for a cosmetic permit, one request per type.
  5. Registered as an exporter Or search for a service provider to import and export products. in your country also known as shipping agent
  6. Only then can it be imported correctly and there are no problems with importing goods.
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